Our Mission

The mission of The Caleidoscope of Culture Foundation is to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of marketing communications, public relations, journalism, and hospitality/event services by providing scholarships, career and professional development workshops, mentors, and internships to African American, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, and Native American students.

In order to understand the importance of increasing the number of ethnic minorities in the public relations industry, we need to know the current statistics. As of 2011 advertising, marketing and public relations jobs are held by a total of 8.7 percent African-Americans/Blacks, 7.3 percent Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and 15.3 percent Hispanics/Latinos, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These statistics are not accurate representations of the true diversity that exists in our nation.

We aim to achieve more diversity in the industry by providing the resources and tools necessary for success to minority college students entering the marketing, public relations, journalism, and hospitality/event services fields.